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The Forbidden List

You already have this list, if only in your head. Everyone who runs or works for a research-driven organization does.

It’s the list of all the evidence-based things you and your researchers don’t feel you can say or talk about publicly.…

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Stop Overplaying Your Study

My blood runs cold every time I hear researchers say: “We hope our study won’t be interpreted as saying (insert horrible unintended conclusion not warranted by the study’s findings).”

Because it means a) they don’t have clear messaging for their study, b) they’ve overframed their study, or c) they have clear messaging but haven’t enforced it.…

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Positioning is Not More Cowbell

We message in research communications. Foundationally.

We message everything. Message our findings, our talks, our interviews, our videos, even our podcasts (if they’re bad).

We have to message because the way researchers talk with each other (through papers, in conferences) can’t be understood by the rest of the world.…

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