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The Wrong Kind of Serenity

It’s that middle part of the prayer that many scientists and researchers gloss over.

People get stuff wrong. That’s not the worst thing.

The worst thing: when experts who know that people are getting things wrong keep their knowledge to themselves.…

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12 Resources for the Crisis

It’s a boom time — thank God — for explanatory, research-based and research-expertise content about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. Here are 12 informational resources from the last week that I’ve found very valuable and/or very interesting:

3Blue1Brown: “Exponential Growth and Epidemics” (YouTube): Send this nine-minute explainer video to all the virus-complacent in your life; it patiently walks through why COVID-19’s threat is about its exponential growth path, not the small-seeming number of cases being reported today in your city, state or country.…

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Why You Must Publish for Non-Specialists

Let me be blunt: if you hope to increase the public impact of your expertise, but don’t want to frequently publish content for non-specialists beyond your colleagues, you should abandon that hope immediately.

Publishing frequently for these audiences is the way, the crucible for becoming a much more effective public researcher as quickly as possible.…

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The Forbidden List

You already have this list, if only in your head. Everyone who runs or works for a research-driven organization does.

It’s the list of all the evidence-based things you and your researchers don’t feel you can say or talk about publicly.…

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