STRATEGY & Services for Researchers to Get Heard

You're a Researcher & An Expert.

So Why Aren't You Being Heard?


They're CEOs, chief scientists and researchers with big new ideas. New frames for big stubborn problems. New solutions that are just ahead of the world.

And they want the world to catch up.

I help them liberate and amplify their insights through narrative content — talks, opinion writing, video, podcasting and social media — that helps them be heard by the right audiences. The results? Improved fundraising, lead prospecting, partnership opportunities, brand recognition and (quite often) progress toward solving those big stubborn problems.


Service 1:

Be Heard: Diagnostic

Why isn’t your expertise being heard in the ways you want it to be? My diagnostic evaluation — based on proprietary analysis of the 12 competencies of a research-based authority — pinpoints a) any organizational blockers to translating your expertise into authority with key audiences; b) your strengths and weaknesses as a research-based authority; and c) options for where you should go from here to make rapid, sustainable gains.

Service 2

Be Heard: Positioning, Messaging & Strategy

I develop positioning, messaging, and thought leadership strategies and consulting for leaders of research-driven startups as well as of established organizations that have developed a new research focus. These leaders emerge from our work with a firm understanding of how they can and should become authorities for their audiences and markets — and a plan for how to make that authority happen.

Examples include my work for Adamantine Energy, Arizona State University's Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Arizona State University's Future H2O, the Breakthrough Institute, the Energy for Growth Hub, the LA 2028 Olympics Sustainability and Legacy Team, and the World Wildlife Fund’s Global Science Leadership Team. 


Service 3

BE HEARD: Your New Talk

It doesn't matter how many Twitter followers you have or how many op-eds you've written for The New York Times — developing and delivering a major new talk can still be a terrifying prospect for a researcher.

I've worked with nearly 100 researchers and other subject matter experts to rapidly improve their presentation skills and develop the best talks of their careers — suitable for donors, investors and, yes, TED.

Your talk will be founded in a strong and surprising narrative, the identity and needs of the audience, and clarity in research communication.

This service can be stand-alone or added to Service 2. I also provide presentation development and coaching for teams of researchers preparing to give talks at special events.

"Science+Story combines deep knowledge of how communications strategy can be most effective in an organization with incredibly useful technical and tactical advice." 

Alex Trembath, Breakthrough Institute

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