STRATEGY for Researchers to Be Heard


You run a research-driven organization and you have big new ideas. New frames for big stubborn problems. New solutions that are just ahead of the world.

And you want the world to catch up to what you know.

We help you and research leaders like you to liberate and amplify your insights through narrative content — talks, opinion writing, video, podcasting and social media — that helps you be heard by the right audiences.

The results for you? Improved fundraising, lead prospecting, partnership opportunities, brand recognition and pathways to solving those big stubborn problems.


Strategic Advisory

As a public expert, you walk into important rooms all the time — Zoom or real.

Here’s a test. Does someone in those rooms invariably say to you in front of everyone: “I love your content. I drop everything when you’ve got something new out.”

If not: Your thought leadership isn’t working.

Another test: How often does someone say to you: “You (or your organization) are the clear leader in X”?

If “not often enough,” your story — the positioning and narrative of what your organization’s public expertise provides the world — isn’t working.

When your thought leadership doesn’t work — and when your story doesn’t work — you (and your organization) fade into the background. You become invisible.

If that worries you, you want this engagement.

The Science+Story Strategic Advisory delivers my concentrated powers — developed over 25 years working with researchers and other public experts — to build your new identity and narrative as a public expert.

The essence of this work: Together we develop your new positioning, strategic story and thought leadership/content plan — based on my research, a competitive analysis, my conversations with you and your stakeholders, my narrative magic and road testing of our first drafts.

Many clients also ask me to continue advising them as they implement their new identity, story and plan across all their channels. I’m honored to have a number of long-term clients who trust my counsel and continue to see our work pay dividends in increased sales and collaborations as well as broader recognition and understanding of their research and expertise.

"Science+Story combines deep knowledge of how communications strategy can be most effective in an organization with incredibly useful technical and tactical advice." 

Alex Trembath, Breakthrough Institute

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