How researchers get heard


Episode #4
The UCLA climate scientist on the two types of hate mail he gets, how he got an academic position with science communications built into it and why your scientific domain is larger than you think.
Episode #3
The publisher of Ensia magazine on how to cover climate change for people who don’t want to hear about it and why Greta Thunberg is so much better at communicating science than most scientists.
Episode #2
The New School historian on when to turn down a media opportunity, why corporations need historians on staff, how she preps for a podcast and why female scholars need to own their ideas publicly ASAP.
Episode #1
The disaster science and emergency management scholar on why she’s so good at public engagement, what sucks about how the media cover disasters, and why she hid her age and gender when she first started on Twitter.

The ways we talk to the world about science & expertise aren’t working.

Let’s talk about how to fix that.