How researchers get heard


Why Your Content is Lonely

You’re author on a new paper just published. Congratulations! Of course you tweet about it, to make sure everybody reads it. Too bad no one will click on the link to actually read your paper, according

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Not Optimal, Not Safe, Not Fair

Isn’t it time we all knew what we’re talking about when we talk with each other? The marketer Seth Godin argues yes: Social media gives each of us so much potential public impact that we all

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Ignoring Your Expertise Elitism

Malcolm Gladwell doesn’t find the late Norm Macdonald’s comedy very funny. (Neither do I.) Comedians, on the other hand, often think Macdonald was not just hilarious but peerlessly so. What do the comedy experts see in

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Climate Change for the Information Commons

You can’t say you weren’t warned. Here are some excerpts from a recent Digiday interview with an anonymous young journalist now working at a tech company, headlined “’Not on me to save the media industry’: Confessions

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Fraud, Science & the Story That Wins

Why do some scientists commit scientific fraud? If you’re a scientist, “How would I know?” is probably your smartest answer here. But your real answer is probably something like “ambition,” “ego,” and/or “they’re not good enough

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