How researchers get heard


Your Precision, Their Confusion

Friend, scientist and longtime reader Jon Fisher alerted me to the following tweet by Jim Elser, a limnologist, field station director, faculty member at two universities and member of the National Academy of Sciences: The Arizona

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Your Public Expert Ecosystem

True story: A well-known, must-read climate journalist quit their job last year to join an NGO and start a newsletter — and the newsletter is boring. “Their stuff used to be so good,” a colleague said

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Power, Media, Science & Public Experts

How odd: Researchers who are otherwise exquisitely aware of the inequities power causes in the world — and in science — are often blind to those inequities when it comes to who gets to talk about

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Remembering Jonathan Higgins

The best keep surprising you, even after they’re gone. So it is with Jonathan Higgins, a scientist and conservationist who worked at The Nature Conservancy for 27 years and who died in late July at age

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Be Careful With Your Expert Metastory

When Anthony Fauci was photographed in May going maskless indoors at some crowded events leading up to last year’s White House Correspondents Dinner (an event he said he refused to attend because of COVID), I said

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