How researchers get heard


Say What the Evidence Means

List member David Chapin, CEO of Forma Life Science Marketing, responds to my post on why researchers need to call it early more often with some understanding and some tough love takeaways: One thing that your

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Science + Celebrities: A Call for Partnership

This guest post is by Dr. Amy Dickman, a conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer who directs the Ruaha Carnivore Project (and is also joint CEO of Lion Landscapes, a Kenya-based independent non-profit conservation research org

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How Much ‘Reading Around’ is Enough?

Research experts read two kinds of ways about big subjects, says the MacArthur-Award winning sociologist Tressie McMillan Cottom: 1) what she calls census reading, straightforward reading about the facts of a subject, and 2) reading around, which goes “beyond

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