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Substack: Should You?

TL;dr: If you have to ask, probably not. For the uninitiated: Substack being the email newsletter platform to which many famous and semi-famous journalists (from Glenn Greenwald to Emily Atkin to Andrew Sullivan to Dave Roberts)

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Is Your Normal Everyone’s Normal?

The data scientist Youyang Gu (who runs the site now projects that, given an unproblematic vaccine rollout as well as uptake by a majority of Americans, the US will achieve herd immunity (which he defines

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Another Stink in the Scientific Air

The science-media industrial complex is broken. I’ve been writing to you about it for nearly two years. Nutrition studies and COVID-19 have exposed it. Clickbait-y studies far too tempting to be true are published in volume,

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Eric Feigl-Ding is Good at Twitter

I had to laugh: The climate scientist Brian Brettschneider last week discovered that the Twitter account of John Kerry, Joe Biden’s pick to be his administration’s “climate czar,” was following zero climate scientists. The response: dozens

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Science Now Drives Polarization

The journal Nature Communications is in hot water for publishing a paper claiming to show that having a female mentor (or being one) puts scientists at a career disadvantage. As Science magazine summarized the findings, “the

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