How researchers get heard


How Does This Help Your Audience?

“Help me get to X (a big number) of followers!” We still see this cringey plea from researchers all the time in social. You can offer dozens of good reasons (or maybe even hundreds of thousands,

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Are You Need or Feed?

Howard Mittman, whose career encompasses top roles at Bleacher Report, WIRED and GQ, tells Brian Morrissey’s “The Rebooting Show” that there are two kinds of publishing today: Purpose-Driven vs. Mission-Driven, or what Mittman has called in

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Cowardice, Expertise & Public Expertise

Research-based experts complain about journalists a lot — about how journalists misquote them, get the story wrong, write bad headlines, use all the information the experts gave them without attribution, and frame narratives about research in

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Why Some Ducklings Seem Ugly

Why do some research subfields seem to get all the media and social love? Physicist Chad Orzel puts out some answers in his Substack, Counting Atoms. (I recommend it.) Physics’ version of this ugly duckling lament

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