How researchers get heard


What Science Story Have They Heard?

The CDC has finally done it: After many valiant near-bullseyes, they’ve finally managed to confuse and/or alienate just about everyone in the United States. The last dart was the agency’s clumsy and data-free communication of the

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Tell All the Stories of Your Science

You’re probably already familiar with how most researchers summarize their new research on Twitter — they basically Twitterize their papers, with screenshots of the abstract, key figures and a more or less accessible summary of the

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Grimpact: My Conversation with Gemma Derrick

Researchers, research funders and research communicators — almost all of them start with the same assumption: The only social impact research can have is positive. (It’s research, after all!) We can scarcely imagine research having negative

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Never Waste an Email Crisis

Email is still a critical vehicle of communication — often the critical vehicle of communication — for public experts, especially ones who run organizations.  That’s why you should subscribe to email guru Dan Oshinsky and his monthly newsletter on

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