How researchers get heard


My Conversation with Faith Kearns

You don’t need to have been subscribed to these emails for long — maybe two weeks — to realize I don’t think about research communications the way other research communicators do. I think most science communications

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How to Become a Public Expert

Most experts struggle to define what their expertise means publicly. Which means the public struggles to understand most experts’ value. By “means publicly,” I don’t mean “how other experts define your expertise.” I mean: how you as an expert

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Thought Leadership: A Useful Definition

“Thought leadership” is like sardines: often mediocre, terrible reputation but amazing and great for you if sourced and prepared properly. Of course, that’s not the marketing campaign you’d want for what is — and let’s face

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Eight Myths of Thought Leadership

There are more than eight, of course. But these are the ones I encounter most often: Thought leadership is about getting your audiences to think differently. It’s much more about getting you in the habit of

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What is Your Biggest Story?

“If you are fully vaccinated you can start doing many things that you had stopped doing because of the pandemic.” That should be the main message ofthe latest CDC guidelines on mitigating your risk of COVID-19

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