How researchers get heard


The Strategic Content Checklist

Strategic content creates opportunity for your organization. It motivates the right people to reach out to you. Catalyzes them to work with you, hire you, publish you, hear more of your insights. It’s valuable stuff. Content

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Objectivity is a Terrible Marketing Plan

Most researchers can’t stand marketing — that is, until they need it. To distribute a vaccine quickly to 80% or more or the U.S. population, we’re going to need some kick-ass marketing. Not just a campaign

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For This New Year, Ask the Big Questions

No one makes New Year’s resolutions anymore (probably for the best). Now everyone seems to have switched to making New Year’s predictions — definitely for the worse. The prediction space is crowded and polluted. But you’re a research-based

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Narrative, Story, Science & Death

Recommended: the essays “Story vs. Narrative? And Why It Matters?”and “How to Break From the Past and Innovate” by Guillaume Wiatr, principal and founder of the consultancy MetaHelm. (H/T: List member Frank McClung.) Money quote from

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