How researchers get heard


Relentlessly Amplify Small Wins

Big wins — laws passed, regulations announced, policy positions changed, shifts in corporate strategy — can clearly demonstrate the impact of your research and thinking. They are the stuff of grant proposals and annual reports and

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Experts Don’t Get No Respect (on the Internet)

As Ben Thompson argues, Twitter killed blogging by democratizing it and making it instantly accessible, conversational and never-ending. When Twitter works (which is increasingly rare these days), it — as well as TikTok, Instagram and probably

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Putting a Number on Changing the World

The 2021 season of Science+Story: The Podcast launches next week, starting with Hugh Possingham — the chief scientist of Australia’s Queensland state and one of the world’s foremost conservation scientists. Hugh’s brilliant and slyly hilarious. He’s

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Climate Fluency: Who’s Responsible?

Global movers and shakers might at last be making dramatic climate action pledges, writes Bloomberg’s Akshat Rathi, but too many still don’t grasp some of the basic terminology. For instance: Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, Inc.,

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