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Eric Feigl-Ding is Good at Twitter

I had to laugh: The climate scientist Brian Brettschneider last week discovered that the Twitter account of John Kerry, Joe Biden’s pick to be his administration’s “climate czar,” was following zero climate scientists. The response: dozens

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Science Now Drives Polarization

The journal Nature Communications is in hot water for publishing a paper claiming to show that having a female mentor (or being one) puts scientists at a career disadvantage. As Science magazine summarized the findings, “the

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The List

This week I’ve been attending a virtual conference on B2B thought leadership. The most interesting panel: executives from F500 companies talking about which kinds of thought leadership content they pay attention to. Answer: virtually none. These

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My Conversation with Daniel Swain

It’s the latest episode of Science+Story: The Podcast and possibly the best so far if you’re a scientist interested in how to manufacture space and time and funding for public engagement. Daniel is a climate scientist

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Work in Semi-Public

If you want the big picture in the wake of yesterday’s Pfizer vaccine announcement, read Alex Tabarrok’s blog post “Where We Stand.” Tabbarok’s post summarizes a) what the early Pfizer results mean for this and other

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