How researchers get heard


Be Careful With Your Expert Metastory

When Anthony Fauci was photographed in May going maskless indoors at some crowded events leading up to last year’s White House Correspondents Dinner (an event he said he refused to attend because of COVID), I said

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After the Paywalls Tumble Down

First, a thought experiment: Let’s pretend that the White House hadn’t last week announced that academic journals will by 2026 have to make any paper and data based on publicly financed research available to the public

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You’re Not Lana Turner

There is nothing glamorous about pitching opinion pieces to editors. Of all the tasks researcher/public experts tend to hate — public speaking, camera work, public meetings — pitching opinion is probably the most universally despised. I

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What Fills the Gaps Beyond the Research?

There’s always going to be a gap between your research and the world. Between your research’s complexity and your audience’s attention span. Between your research’s messages and your audience’s priorities, values and desires. Between your single

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Don’t Shoot the Audience

One of the largely unspoken rules in research communication is we acknowledge there should be different messages and approaches for different audiences — but will ignore that reality in our communications. We will write a paper

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Does Everyone Matter? Then Who Does?

If you think action on climate change is the most important issue facing the world today, you might be surprised to learn that you are still — despite 30+ years of warnings from climate scientists and

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