How researchers get heard


Why You Need a Content Pregame

After the third email, I knew we had a problem. I also knew we were on to something. My client had just published content advocating for the creation of a new government body to tackle a

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The Nature, Not the Plans

Take another look at the provocative line I quoted Tuesday from programmer Kent Beck’s essay “The First Thing a Technical Speaker Needs”: As a presenter, it’s more important to be trustworthy than expert. Most experts —

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What’s Your Go-To Body Count?

Some US gun control advocates have recently lobbied news organizations to publish daily gun death totals, arguing that a daily “body count” turned public sentiment against the Vietnam War and would do the same against US

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Find the Totem

Taking ideas to impact: So many articles, so few of them useful. But that’s OK, because we also have computer programmer Kent Beck’s astonishingly good “Idea to Impact,” which nearly fills the gap by itself. (Thanks

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