How researchers get heard


Climate Change for the Information Commons

You can’t say you weren’t warned. Here are some excerpts from a recent Digiday interview with an anonymous young journalist now working at a tech company, headlined “’Not on me to save the media industry’: Confessions

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Fraud, Science & the Story That Wins

Why do some scientists commit scientific fraud? If you’re a scientist, “How would I know?” is probably your smartest answer here. But your real answer is probably something like “ambition,” “ego,” and/or “they’re not good enough

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The Semi-Public As Your Co-Creator

Economist Brad DeLong calls his Substack a “weblog-like newsletter.” On it, he publishes early drafts of forthcoming columns he wants to publish on Project Syndicate. The drafts are a premium for his Substack subscribers — but

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You Are the Expertise Cavalry

I don’t say this bluntly often enough: Public expertise isn’t “an expert who’s also good with the media.” Or “is good at giving talks.” Or “is good at Twitter.” It’s not an aggregation of performance skills.

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Can We Count on Your Expertise?

Here’s a rule of thumb for public expertise that almost nobody talks about: Share your expertise consistently — at a regular frequency that produces anticipation for your insights in the communities you’re trying to reach. As

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