How researchers get heard


All Public Science is Headline Science

We scorn “headline science” because of what it says on its tin: The headline comes before the science. That’s just wrong, we think — but not just wrong: It’s venal, anti-science, and sometimes even fraudulent. Sometimes,

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Your Overlooked Lists

I keep thinking about “Overlooked Problems,” a column written this spring by an occasional Substack writer about whom I know nothing except that they are a scientist doing research into organ generation and regeneration. The column

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The Lazy Drama of ‘The Polycrisis’

If you haven’t yet heard about “the global polycrisis,” it’s coming for you. “The global polycrisis” has caught fire in policy and pundit circles as a shorthand way of saying the world today is, not to

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Flywheels, Forcing Functions & Painted Pictures

Doing good content consistently for non-specialists — that’s hard. But we make it much harder, because our support mechanisms suck so badly. By mechanisms, I’m not talking about annual objectives, or encouragement from your board or

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