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Help Me Create a Great Podcast

I’m brewing up a Science+Story podcast, to launch later this year. And I’d love your input on the project.

Why (in a world that already has 2.5 billion of them) a podcast?

Because there isn’t a really good one  about what we talk about here: how to push research communications forward smartly. About the issues; the debates; how to do public scholarship and become a thought leader while maintaining research integrity; what individuals and organizations are trying that’s new (and effective); what we can learn from sectors outside research; which received wisdom it is past time we discard.

That’s a podcast I’d listen to, and I’m a tough sell. But I want your thoughts and ideas, even if you’re not a regular podcast listener. I’ve whipped up a seven-question survey that should take you no more than five minutes to complete. Also feel free to email me separately after you’ve finished the survey.

Please take the survey. With your help, I’m looking forward to creating a resource that creates a community around these questions, and that leads and inspires.