How researchers get heard

Dorothy Lied (AKA, Science Plus Story)

Almost all research-based groups communicate their research.

Very few communicate and market why their research approach is distinctive and where their research program is taking them — and us.

They just assume their research tells that story.

So when you see a research group that tells its story first and well, it’s rare. It’s like going from black-and-white to color. Especially for funders.

Oh, our story? most groups say. Take a look at our mission and vision statement.

No. What does a good organizational story look like? One that will inspire us to support you, collaborate with you, pay attention to you?

It’s the narrative of how your organization embodies that mission.

The declaration of how you’re different — your positioning.

The roadmap and timeline for your progress — your blueprint toward making that vision reality.

And (most importantly): how you deliver on that blueprint better than anyone else.

Dorothy lied.

There’s no place like Oz.

How will you help take us there?