Public Expertise for Research Organizations

Why Official Expertise Sucks (And Why That’s OK)

Public expertise on the pandemic from officials (e.g., WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove) and official bodies (e.g., WHO, CDC, FDA) has pretty much sucked. Most people agree with this statement.

Most also agree: These officials and official bodies must do better!

What if “doing better” isn’t possible for official expertise?…

Climate Change for the Information Commons

You can’t say you weren’t warned.

Here are some excerpts from a recent Digiday interview with an anonymous young journalist now working at a tech company, headlined “’Not on me to save the media industry’: Confessions of an early-career journalist leaving the industry”:

I saw your recent announcement that you were leaving your job at a legacy news publication?

Your Secret Weapon: You Know What You’re Talking About

Here’s one of the most familiar narratives in science:

We knew that! We’ve been saying that for years! Why didn’t you know that?

It’s the story of a subculture — a scientific field — so insular that it thinks it’s sufficiently communicated a piece of knowledge to the rest of the world, only to discover (after years, maybe even decades) that the rest of the world didn’t get the message at all.…