Moving from Expert to Public Expert

What Pundits Can Teach Us

Nobody likes pundits, although it’s hard to imagine our world now without them.

Which is why we — researchers and research directors and research communicators — should be reading and watching and listening to pundits. A lot.

They’re like the innocuous protoplasm that astronauts brought back from Mars in some horror film, only to watch it take over the planet.…

Your Data Need an Argument

The New York Times published a beautiful interactive earlier this week showing how U.S. greenhouse gas emissions might be reduced if the United States adopted seven of the most ambitious climate policies already in place around the world.

The interactive also beautifully illustrates something else: why researchers who want to make impact on polarized issues can’t just present data or findings. They…

Aaron Carroll, Researcher Thought Leader

(Average reading time: 105 seconds.)

Let’s say you’re a researcher who wants more impact than publishing research alone gives you.

Or you’re an communicator or marketer who works with those researchers.

Then you should be reading Aaron Carroll’s regular column in The New York Times’s The Upshot and his blog on health economics, The Incidental Economist.…