Your Data Need an Argument

The New York Times published a beautiful interactive earlier this week showing how U.S. greenhouse gas emissions might be reduced if the United States adopted seven of the most ambitious climate policies already in place around the world.

The interactive also beautifully illustrates something else: why researchers who want to make impact on polarized issues can’t just present data or findings. They…

The Problem with Storytelling (and a More Useful Concept)

​We’re awash in the industry of storytelling:

  • Storytelling consultants selling storytelling templates and workshops and webinars and books, all with guidance for the majority of us afflicted with the lack of confidence to tell compelling stories but who conveniently, it turns out, just need a little paid training to unlock and unleash the unique story within us and to recognize the great characters in our lives and turn those, too, into powerful stories, all in order to revolutionize our impact, performance and lives.

Aaron Carroll, Researcher Thought Leader

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Let’s say you’re a researcher who wants more impact than publishing research alone gives you.

Or you’re an communicator or marketer who works with those researchers.

Then you should be reading Aaron Carroll’s regular column in The New York Times’s The Upshot and his blog on health economics, The Incidental Economist.…