How Research-Driven Organizations Become Thought Leaders


Trans-Science & Our Missing Values

I talked to a client based in the Midwest this week, in a state where social distancing is recommended but not compelled. He said he had just gone to one of those giant home improvement stores to buy his spring plants.…

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10 First Steps: How Researchers Can Get in the Game

Friday’s essay (“The Wrong Kind of Serenity”) prompted a lot of feedback — some of it defensive. Eliciting the defenses was one of my goals in writing it. But the defensive feedback revealed one element of resistance I didn’t specifically factor into “The Wrong Kind of Serenity”: how researchers might in fact be too busy to intervene in debates they should intervene in … if they think about intervention as writing yet another takeout for a peer-reviewed journal.…

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The Wrong Kind of Serenity

It’s that middle part of the prayer that many scientists and researchers gloss over.

People get stuff wrong. That’s not the worst thing.

The worst thing: when experts who know that people are getting things wrong keep their knowledge to themselves.…

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Unmasking Your Priors

OK: which of you is wearing a mask now or about to start? And why?

The US government seems on the verge of reversing its position on whether all of its citizens should now wear some sort of covering over those noses and mouths while in public.…

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You Are Not a Futurist

I’ll double down on something I wrote last week: Don’t predict, describe.

Especially: Describe trends and tell us where/what they will lead to.

Right now, expert predictions are, at best, thought exercises that verge on entertainment. At worst, they’re horoscopes: almost always wrong, almost always without accountability, almost always hiding one or more key and very debatable assumptions.…

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What to Do & Not to Do

Here’s a condensed version of what I’m telling all my clients — all researchers who run their own teams and organizations, large and small — right now:

There is only one story for the foreseeable future.

If you can’t be hyper-relevant to it, hold off on almost all your communications for now.…

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