How Research-Driven Organizations Become Thought Leaders


Crowdsource Your Thought Leadership

If you’re having trouble getting your SMEs to author individual pieces of thought leadership, try crowdsourcing those pieces instead from across your organization, or from an event you hosted.

What I’m talking about is very different than a multi-authored piece with infinite rounds of edits and approvals.…

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Positioning is Not More Cowbell

We message in research communications. Foundationally.

We message everything. Message our findings, our talks, our interviews, our videos, even our podcasts (if they’re bad).

We have to message because the way researchers talk with each other (through papers, in conferences) can’t be understood by the rest of the world.…

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Meat & Expertise

I wish I could feel vindicated by those five new super-controversial meta-analyses just published by the Annals of Internal Medicine contradicting nearly everything we’ve ever heard about the health risks to individuals of eating red and processed meats. (Good overviews here and here.)

But I feel sad — and not just because I haven’t eaten meat for more than 30 years.…

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For the Birds

Researchers: just passive participants in those terribly misleading media campaigns for their papers?

Michael Schulson writes in Undark about the hyping of that big bird-decline Science magazine study I wrote about last week. In Schulson’s retelling, it was

  • A) Overenthusiastic science communicators +
  • B) A big journal hungry for media that offers very little space to the paper itself (hence, for scientific nuance) that led to
  • C) a sensationalist media storyline to take advantage of a growing public taste for apocalypse.
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Greta’s New (Old) Rules

I don’t know if Greta Thunberg is going to change the world.

I know that she and her fellow under-20 climate activists have already changed research communications.

But I don’t know if it’s for the better.

Greta Thunberg argues that politicians and private-sector leaders — Davos and UNGA types — need to “listen to the science.”

She vets her speeches with scientists.…

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