All Public Science is Headline Science

We scorn “headline science” because of what it says on its tin: The headline comes before the science. That’s just wrong, we think — but not just wrong: It’s venal, anti-science, and sometimes even fraudulent.

Sometimes, it’s true, headline science is all those things.…

Flywheels, Forcing Functions & Painted Pictures

Doing good content consistently for non-specialists — that’s hard.

But we make it much harder, because our support mechanisms suck so badly.

By mechanisms, I’m not talking about annual objectives, or encouragement from your board or director or chair, or ad hoc nudges, or altmetrics, or science communication workshops.…

Your Precision, Their Confusion

Friend, scientist and longtime reader Jon Fisher alerted me to the following tweet by Jim Elser, a limnologist, field station director, faculty member at two universities and member of the National Academy of Sciences:

The Arizona State professor Ted Pavlic responded that he’d made a similar point on Twitter five years ago about a similar State of Arizona sign:

Anyone who hangs with scientists knows they often love to make nerdy fun of how the world interacts with their fields.…

Your Public Expert Ecosystem

True story: A well-known, must-read climate journalist quit their job last year to join an NGO and start a newsletter — and the newsletter is boring.

“Their stuff used to be so good,” a colleague said to me. “Now it’s dull.…

Category Narrative: Getting Them to Your New Thinking

One thing I find hard to take about the storytelling industry is its insistence that you need something called “storytelling” to tell a great story.

In your public expert’s role, you want to begin engaging with people over new research or the application of research-based expertise to a problem.…

Power, Media, Science & Public Experts

How odd: Researchers who are otherwise exquisitely aware of the inequities power causes in the world — and in science — are often blind to those inequities when it comes to who gets to talk about research and who makes that happens.…