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The Problem with Storytelling (and a More Useful Concept)

​We’re awash in the industry of storytelling:

  • Storytelling consultants selling storytelling templates and workshops and webinars and books, all with guidance for the majority of us afflicted with the lack of confidence to tell compelling stories but who conveniently, it turns out, just need a little paid training to unlock and unleash the unique story within us and to recognize the great characters in our lives and turn those, too, into powerful stories, all in order to revolutionize our impact, performance and lives.
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Repetition is Important

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I know probably a dozen scientists who privately confide that they think the idea Earth is in its Sixth Extinction Event possesses a distinct barnyard odor.

So why is the idea we’re in a Sixth Extinction Event so firmly entrenched?… Read the rest

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A Mistake I’ll Never Make Again

Deep into yesterday’s email, I used the phrase “expertise content” where I meant “authority content.”

Bad mistake. Apologies. Thirty lashes. Will never happen again.

Why do I feel so strongly about this?

Look at this Aaron E. Carroll analysis in The New York Times of the recent meta-analysis in The Lancet that concluded any amount of alcohol consumption increases your risk for all sorts of bad things happening to you.… Read the rest

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