How Research-Driven Organizations Become Thought Leaders


A Story to Make All the Communicators Faint

Resolved: There is no communication tactic that has more strategic potential for your organization or your personal brand than publishing a regular email newsletter. 

Snicker. How old-fashioned. But hear me out, and then email back if you disagree.

I was looking with a client at the numbers for his fledgling monthly newsletter — just two issues old.…

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Tuesday Thought Leadership Teardown: A Map is Just a Map

“Everyone” is not an audience: the first platitude of communications.

An important variation on this “everyone” theme: “x, y, z, and anyone else who….”

Effective research communication requires making choices — immediately — about who your audiences are, and then understanding which messages and products will give them exactly what they need to make a decision.…

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If You’re Afraid of KPIs

…then we need to start with “you’re afraid” and go from there.

I’ve seen organizational leaderships doing everything they can not to set key performance indicators for their communications.

I’ve seen leaderships setting absurdly easy-to-achieve KPIs.

And I’ve seen leaderships (and funding officers) who treat missing a KPI as occasion for a Zero Dark Thirty interrogation.…

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Announcing: A Research Project

I’m starting a research project to look at three questions:

  1. How are research-driven organizations using thought leadership content that draws on the expertise of their researchers or other subject-matter experts?
  2. How do these organizations measure (or how would they like to measure) the value of that content, either for the organization or the researcher?
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Twitter, Black Holes & Science Inspiration

Science Twitter lost it a bit on Wednesday, because some Twitterites were insufficiently awestruck by the new photos of the black hole:

And even if you responded with the required enthusiasm, that just reminded at least one famous scientist of how we’re letting Science down elsewhere:

The universe is amazing.…

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