How Research-Driven Organizations Become Thought Leaders

How To

Assessing Your Writing Skills

A list member writes:

This morning while working on a proposal with some super collaborators I found myself thinking that my writing skills could use some work. I know they always can, for everyone, but then I wondered:

How can I assess my writing skills to highlight current strengths and weaknesses without going back to college?

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Crowdsource Your Thought Leadership

If you’re having trouble getting your SMEs to author individual pieces of thought leadership, try crowdsourcing those pieces instead from across your organization, or from an event you hosted.

What I’m talking about is very different than a multi-authored piece with infinite rounds of edits and approvals.…

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Wanted: An MVP Index

No, not the kind at the back of your new scholarly book. And no, not a Most Valuable Player. I’m talking the kind of index (like Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index or Yale’s Environmental Performance Index) that draws on your research and analytic power to define trends and storylines, get headlines, change behavior and provide an unparalleled tentpole around which researchers and research-driven organizations can organize their outreach.…

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