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Metrics? Yes, Metrics!

Metrics? C’mon, the world is falling apart. What a weird time to talk about that.

ICYMI: In our falling-apart world, the countries that are measuring are staying ahead of the game — barely, but staying ahead. The countries that aren’t deeply and consistently measuring (and that are telling stories about the state of things instead) are falling behind, and are at risk of becoming global pariahs.…

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I Advance Masked

Science has spoken. So I walk Maxie, my beautiful, one-year-old golden retriever, nearly every day — long hikes in the mornings, even longer ones on weekends. Exercise, science shows, has benefits — especially exercise with dogs.

I wear a mask when I walk Maxie, even though it fogs up my glasses, especially in the heat and humidity of a DC summer.…

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Experts, the BLM Protests & COVID-19

Yascha Mounk writes this morning in The Atlantic that “The Virus Will Win.” A sobering read and — with 23 U.S. states showing increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, just as much of the country moves into full-throated reopening — difficult to counter:

When the first wave of COVID-19 was threatening to overwhelm the medical system, back in March, the public’s fear and uncertainty were far more intense than they are now.

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The Lie of Timely

Like most of you, I’m horrified, ashamed and frustrated by many of the events of the last eight days — much less the last three months — in the United States.

Is this a turning point? we might ask.

Not if the last 50 years — Watts 1965, Newark 1967, Miami 1980, LA 1992, Cincinnati 2001, Ferguson 2014, Baltimore 2015, Charlotte 2016, etc.,…

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We Were Warned. So What.

“You were warned.”

What an arrogant, infantilizing, alienating, counterproductive communications tactic.

Well, we feel guilty and stupid now, so of course we’ll absorb your wisdom more attentively next time. Count on it.

Manu Lall and Paulina Concha of the Columbia Water Center published an op-ed this week for The New York Times, alerting us to the tens of thousands of dams in the United States that are in danger of failing, as the two in Central Michigan failed last week.…

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