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Is Research a Good or a Service?

We assume that research and the expertise that flows from research is all information. Information is most often a good or a service.

Increasingly, however, goods and services are not enough. The world wants experiences and transformations — the “experience economy,” in the rubric of management advisor Joe Pine.…

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What to Tell Science Stories About

Storytelling for science is still all the rage. Stories are the way people learn and remember and fall in love (science says so) and therefore we need many more science stories and far more and better tellers of them, says the storytelling industry.…

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Avoid Other People’s Platforms

All marketing and communication tells stories — if not to its audiences, then certainly to its clients about its successes and failures.

The question isn’t whether you’ll tell a story to your clients (or to yourself), but what kind of story.…

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Imagine a World Without Journals

Michael Eisen, the EiC of eLife, challenged Twitter to do just that in a long thread over the weekend. His alternative: publish research papers in preprint on free-access servers such as arXiv or bioRxiv, and (as Eisen puts it) “then review and curate these works in many different ways, throughout the useful lifetime of the paper.”

Under Eisen, eLife is taking steps to institute this paradigm itself (yes, the irony of a journal working to put itself out of business), Here’s the beginning of Eisen’s thread (I encourage you to read the whole thing, which has gotten lots of feedback, mostly very positive):

This follows an interesting paper out in June in PLoS Biology by Eisen and two other authors, recommending grantees mandate that preprints of all research they fund be posted to free-access servers such as arXiv and bioRxiv.…

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See Me, Find Me, Talk With Me

If you’re promoting research, you must reckon with the law of shitty clickthroughs.

The law of shitty clickthroughs, as defined by Andrew Chen at Andreessen Horowitz: “Over time, all marketing strategies result in shitty clickthrough rates.”

“Marketing strategies” for Chen = Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, banner ads, e-books…any channel or format we use to promote our expertise, ideas and work.…

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Is This Content Marketing or Content Services?

If you’re a research communicator or marketer, that’s a fundamental question you should be asking about project you take on. Why? Because your shop is superlean and you almost certainly have to do both marketing and services. And being clear about which you’re doing — and why you’re doing it, and how much of each you should be doing to be effective at bot — can mean the difference between making a difference and just treading water, for yourself and your organization.…

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Death & Frames

Six weeks ago my mother was lying in a hospital bed, weakened by an abdominal infection that had days earlier threatened to go septic and had only receded the night before I flew in to see her.

This hospital visit was her second of the past month — the first had been for emergency surgery to repair a perforated duodenal ulcer that had also dumped two liters of bacteria-rich gastric juice into her abdominal cavity, elevating her infection risk.…

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