How Research-Driven Organizations Become Thought Leaders

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Why Public Scholarship = Thought Leadership

What many business people call “thought leadership content” is educational or informational content written for search. How-to-do something, or maybe what-other-people-in-my-space-think, based on a survey. The headline signals the intent: “7 Ways to Make Your X Better.”

There’s nothing wrong with this content.…

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Fake Science, Bad Science or No Science?

My heart skipped a beat when I heard Stella Immanuel (she of “demon sperm” fame, whose claim to have successfully treated over 350 COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine was retweeted last week by Donald Trump) call the numerous studies finding hydroxychloroquine ineffective “fake science.”…

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Stop the Press (Releases)

One of the remarkable (and odd, and sad) things about research into science communications: how little some of the researchers seem to understand about the practice of communicating science and how media work.

For instance: Do messages arguing against climate action (you know, from big business or climate deniers) get too much play in the media?…

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Making Op-Eds (Slightly) Easier

It usually takes a ton of investment (time, energy, patience) to get an op-ed published, and it’s a rare researcher who isn’t frustrated by the experience. Just to get going, you must:

  • develop the idea;
  • figure out a news hook if there isn’t an obvious one;
  • figure out where you want to have it published (and can, realistically, have it published);
  • find the contact information for the opinion editor at that outlet; and
  • figure out whether they want the entire piece as a submission or just a pitch.
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Annoying Questions #2: Nudges, Heterogeneity & Dog Kids

I’m trying out something new for the Friday emails for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere summer. Let me know what you think of it.

Why Might People Act on Research Findings?

I read the fundraising blog The Agitator religiously because there are a ton of lessons fundraising communications has to teach the practice of research marketing and communications.…

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