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Announcing Science+Story: The Podcast

Science+Story: The Podcast is now live for your consideration. (Wasn’t that quick? It’s only been a year since I first announced it.)

The concept: The ways we talk about research and research-based expertise often aren’t working—so let’s talk about how to fix that with leading researchers, scientists, communicators and other experts.

The goal: Give fresh, usable insights to anyone interested in better research communication and finding how research-based authority can play a more effective role in public life.

First three episodes:

  • Disaster scientist and emergency management scholar Samantha Montano on living the disasterologist brand, why she hid her age and gender on Twitter and how her activism fuels her research;
  • New School historian Natalia Mehlman Petrzela on the line between scholarship and public scholarship, where she gets her op-ed ideas from and why she thinks female scholars need to own their ideas publicly ASAP;
  • Todd Reubold, publisher of the environment and conservation online magazine Ensia, on how researchers and scholars misunderstand each other, the difficulties in starting an independent publication at a university, and why he thinks Greta Thunberg is a better climate science communicator than most climate scientists.

Upcoming episodes will feature:

  • Daniel Swain on academic blogging, climate comms and public scholarship
  • Bridget Lowell and David Connell of the Urban Institute and David Colgan of UCLA on running comms for research institutes in the age of you know what;
  • Hugh Possingham, chief scientist of the state of Queensland, Australia and former chief scientist, The Nature Conservancy, on what he’s learned about communicating science over more than three decades;
  • Daniel Låkens on using red team reviews for research;
  • Gemma Derrick on grimpact; and
  • Holly Jean Buck on communicating geoengineering and many other matters.

Do me several favors (or, if you’re pressed for time, chose just one):

  • If you have suggestions for guests, email me.
  • If you have feedback on the shows, email me.
  • If you like the show, rate and review and tell others you know about it.

I’m excited to share these conversations with you and eager to hear what you think. New episodes will drop at least every other Monday.