How researchers get heard
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Announcing: A Research Project

I’m starting a research project to look at three questions:

  1. How are research-driven organizations using thought leadership content that draws on the expertise of their researchers or other subject-matter experts?
  2. How do these organizations measure (or how would they like to measure) the value of that content, either for the organization or the researcher?
  3. How do the thought leadership practices and metrics of research-driven organizations differ from thought leadership practices in the corporate sector?

My ask: If you or someone at your organization or institution could speak to the first two questions, I would love to have you take a short survey and then conduct a 20-minute interview with you.

My near-term goal is to create some data-driven insights for researchers and research-driven orgs that I could pitch as an article to either Harvard Business Review or Stanford Social Innovation Review.

If interested, please hit reply to this email, give me your name and institution, and we’ll set up a time.

And if you have comments on the research project itself…